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Union Presbyterian Seminary Alumni/ae Email Acceptable Use Policy

Union Presbyterian Seminary Alumni/ae Email Acceptable Use Policy Union Presbyterian Seminary's alumni/ae email is provided by Google free of charge to alumni/ae of Union Presbyterian Seminary. This service is a convenient way for our alumni/ae to keep in touch with the seminary and with each other.

To use this service, you must accept the terms and conditions as specified by Google. A message pop-up will prompt you to accept Google terms when you first sign in to use your email. Union Presbyterian Seminary is not responsible for Google policies and procedures.

We are committed to supporting our users, and to providing a safe and positive environment in which users can freely communicate. This acceptable use policy exists to support these goals. By using your alumni/ae email address you agree to use this service in a courteous and professional manner. The following activities constitute unacceptable use of alumni/ae email accounts: to run a personal business or to advertise items for sale to distribute copyrighted material illegally to send messages or materials that are pornographic to send messages or material that deride groups and/or individuals to deride elected officials or public office holders to forward chain letters or other mass mailings to send knowingly false statements. The policy intends to establish reasonable expectations for the use of alumni/ae email accounts and to be comprehensive in scope. It cannot address every specific issue that may arise from the use or abuse of alumni/ae email accounts. In situations where abuse of alumni/ae email accounts is suspected, the Alumni/ae Office reserves the right to review specific situations which may result in the deactivation of an alumni/ae email account. Approved by the Union Presbyterian Seminary Alumni/ae Office, January 2012.